Apex Cosmeceutical Industry has invested RM20 million to set up a plant for manufacturing cosmetic products, which is scheduled for completion in 2007. The three storey building measuring 120,000 sq. ft. will boast multi-purpose facilities including a moderm manufacturing plant, a training centre capable of accommodating up to 500 staff and students, a Spa, Suite, Swimming pool, a "Kampong" style club and relaxation area for staff and students.


Due to advance developments in electron microscope technology, scientists are now able to discern minute details of the cell structure. Through a series of thorough investigations, Nardia Laboratory Centre is now able to unravel the mystery of new cell regeneration and the harm of free radicals. This has helped us to better understand the needs of the skin and develop products with more confidence.

With the incorporation of medical, pharmaceutical, biological and physical sciences, Nardia Laboratory Centre is now able to develop a series of products that can regenerate new cells healthily and combat free radicals effectively.




New cells in a human body are regenerated every 28 days. However, due to hormone instability, unhealthy capillary flow and the violation of UV light, the life cycle of new cell regeneration in the human body is becoming progressively unhealthy. New cells are no longer regenerated in 28 days, thus making the face look dull, sensitive, dry and filled with problems like pimples, pigmentation, sagging, comedones (blackheads and whiteheads).

Through constant maintenance of capillary flow and a healthy cell environment, new and healthy skin cells are regenerated. The capillary flow will carry necessary nutrients to the skin and also increase its immunity thereby resulting in the generation of more beautiful skin.